About FENA

FENA, the Federation of Argentine Shipping Companies, is a federation with national scope whose mission is to coordinate, represent, manage, promote and defend the interests of shipping companies in Argentina with the aim of unifying the voice that represents all the chambers that make up FENA in order to deal with and promote issues of common interest.


Experience shows that maritime transport is an effective link in the value chain, boosting the potential of exporting economies. All developed countries have a fleet suitable for the products resulting from their trade according to their needs as exporters and importers, with specialized ships, whether for grain, machinery, automobiles, fuel, infrastructure equipment and anything conceivable.

Exercising control of the maritime sector allows us to ensure it stays competitive, making it possible to close the sales that generate reserves and save on purchases of capital goods.

Our vision is a move towards transport and trade sovereignty that is not hindered by the imperious need to buy freight from foreign fleets and give up our foreign currency along the way.


We are proud to be heirs to a noble naval tradition. From the historic merits of our navy, to the Argentine merchant companies that have succeeded in simultaneously operating over 100 international cargo ships uniting us with five continents, independently and without the need to continuously pay freight to foreign shipping companies.

We know how to do it well, because Argentina has already done it successfully for over a century. We are confident we will be able to drive this necessary vindication of an indispensable service for our intercontinental trade, because from our perspective transport is an inalienable vector in the chain of profitability of the multilateral market.

Our values have always been to recognize the capacity of our people and our companies to compete without misgivings or fears, offering transport of the same quality as fleets of other countries, but with Argentine labour and style. There is no one better than us to understand and meet our exporters’ and importers’ requirements.


We are working to develop a legal framework that will allow us to be competitive in global terms again. Unfortunately it will not be possible to compete and participate in the freight business unless we have regulations similar to those of other countries.

Likewise, considering that Argentina has the raw materials and foodstuff that other countries in the world require, it is critical that an effective maritime bridge be generated. Without this strategic tool, the price of our products and their competitiveness will depend exclusively on the international shipping market.

Our strategy aims to deploy, for the domestic maritime transport industry, certain basic pillars that duly and successfully regulate international shipping companies, as well as to sustain and increase our own qualified merchant fleet with crew, engineers and professional sailors to ensure the autonomy of international transport and trade, since otherwise it is simple unviable to gain a place in the freight business generated by mass trade.